Grow Your Tribe No. 4 - Environmental Efforts


This week we are featuring accounts that are fighting for the planet. We found their efforts to help the environment super inspiring. Doing our part to fight climate change can be intimidating. These accounts provide ideas for little changes in your life that have a big impact.

Sip Sustainably 

This week’s Pittsburgh Presence is a local boutique owner and eco-enthusiast, Tori Cingolani

St. Terra is an eco-friendly company, founded by Tori, specializing in non-plastic drinkware and local recycling services. We’ve been loving the metal straw trend because it is an attainable way for everyone to take a step in making a change. Reduce your environmental waste, one sip at a time


Sunrise Movement 

As climate change worsens, young people are realizing that they themselves will suffer the consequences of the crumbling planet. Que the sunrise movement. Learn about the action they are taking and the ways you can support them by following Sunrise on facebook.



The ocean makes up 71% of the earth. 4Ocean is a global movement, striving to clean our oceans and coastlines, one pound at a time. Founded by two surfers, Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze, 4Ocean is built upon a genuine passion for ocean sustainability. 

In less than two years, 4ocean has removed 4.8+ million pounds of trash globally. 
Get Involved and Save Our Oceans


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