A one-day conference geared to help entrepreneurs, innovators, and connectors take their thinking to the next level.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • March 28, 2019


A one-day conference geared to help entrepreneurs, innovators, and connectors take their thinking to the next level.


The GOING DEEP SUMMIT is geared towards exposing attendees to new ideas, new people, and new perspectives. Everyone that buys a ticket is implicitly buying into the notion that they can better themselves through an experience at our event.

The GOING DEEP SUMMIT is produced by Piper Creative, a Pittsburgh-based marketing agency that provides strategy, delivery, and analysis.

Piper Creative is redefining marketing, live events, and company culture from the ground up. By embracing modern tools for communication and broadcasting, Piper produces impactful, thoughtful events that expand minds, fill hearts, and connect people. We specialize in Video + Podcast Production. You can learn more about Piper HERE.


We love live events. There’s something magical about getting in the room with a bunch of ambitious, thoughtful, energetic people.

Our founder, Aaron, started the Going Deep Summit after being inspired by SXSW, Next Gen Summit, and DLD.

This first year, his mom, his girlfriend, and a few interns worked the door while rising stars Ed Latimore, Leah Lizarondo, and Adam Haritan graced the stage.

Now, a full team has assembled to put on an event with Soul.

What does that mean?

Thoughtful design applied to who we put on stage, which brands we partner with, and what we ask of our attendees.

A soulful event doesn’t have a stale room of vendors or a slate of speakers that paid to be on stage (yeah, that happens).

We sincerely hope that you’ll set aside your Saturday to join us.




Aaron Watson

Meet Aaron. The Going Deep Summit was his brainchild after years of podcasting and attending events like SXSW, Next Gen Summit, and DLD. The Summit aims to be a similar cultural tentpole.

At the Summit, you can expect to see Aaron grinning from ear-to-ear as he welcomes attendees, introduces speakers, and connects the dots between friends. Be sure to come say “Hi”.


Hannah Phillips

Meet Hannah (HP for short). HP is a creative genius. At the Going Deep Summit, you’ll hear her laugh before you see her and she’ll likely have a camera on her hip.

She shot all the photography at the first Summit and produced the event vlog from the first Summit. Now, HP is training the next generation of creatives at Piper and pioneering a new model for content creation at live events.



This is the type of event that A players attend.

That doesn’t mean you’re an A player today.

Maybe you have work to do. That’s fine.

If you attend, you will meet some of the right people.

You will walk away with a new idea.

You will understand the world a little bit better.

See you in March.