Fill Your Heart No. 5 - Saving Lives of All Sizes


Welcome to July!

Now that summer is officially here, Pittsburgh has been heating up and more people are able to head outside to enjoy the sun.

This week we want to fill your heart with stories of people finding innovative ways to save the lives of both humans and animals.

Remember to take the time to get some fresh air and enjoy all that nature has to offer. We hope our news this week fills your heart.

The Tinniest Turtle

For 17 years the black softshell turtle species was declared extinct in the wild.

This year, due to the Hayagriva Madhav Hindu temple in India, 35 hatchlings were released back into the wild.

We were in awe of the temple’s actions and how they saved the adorable species from extinction.

Take a look at this article to learn more about the impact of dedication and hard work for the good of another species.

Lights On

Akbar Cook is our next heart hero because he goes beyond his duty as principal and is saving the lives of his students.

He turned his frustration and devastation from losing kids to gun violence into a program to keep kids at school on Friday nights when there is the highest risk of violence.

Check out this video on Cook’s Lights On Program which provides a safe place filled with games, music, food, and loving people.

The Best Beehive

It is human nature to be scared of bees and their painful stinger. But as climate change worsens, they are becoming increasingly important for the growth of plants and the protection of the planet.

Beekeepers are essential for keeping many of these important bees alive, but it’s a really tough job. Would you want to risk getting stung by hundreds of bees for a little honey?

Watch this video to learn about the father-son invention of a beehive with a spout that makes creating honey easier, safer, and more fun.