Expand Your Mind No. 6 - Creative promotion, Following Up, and the Future of Technology.


This week at Piper our apprentices learned about writing press releases to help promote the Going Deep Summit. We focused on the balance between providing important information and selling people on the day.

Some articles that have helped us this week are about creative promotion, following up cold emails, and the future of technology.

We hope they are just as useful for you.

Thoughtful promotion

As an artist, you are your own marketing team. This guide does an amazing job of outlining the steps you should take to promote your work. 

Take a look to learn about the different ways you can get your work out there. We found the section on “Measuring your success and adjusting your strategies” to be particularly helpful.

Following up

Have you ever been frustrated about not receiving a response to your cold email? 

This article, written by our Mind Master Allen Gannett, has the key to getting a response with four simple tips for writing a follow-up. 

He breaks down the steps to the perfect follow up email in a manner that we found to be both comprehensive and transferable. Take a look and see how it can help you get responses.

The Future of Computers 

Have you ever imagined a future where everyone has computers in their brains? We certainly have, but we won't have computers implanted in our bodies anytime soon (ick 🤢). 

New technology actually makes this irrelevant. Instead, sensors on the surface of our skin will read our movements and allow us to compute anywhere, anytime, without taking a device out of our pocket. Learn more about this crazy new invention here.