Fill Your Heart No. 6 - Innovative Change-Makers


Every week we look for stories of positivity and humanity to give us more reasons to celebrate.

This week we are highlighting innovative change-makers. From finding inspiration in a place no one expected to developing a new way to give people a second chance, they are all sure to make you smile.

We hope our news this week fills your heart.

A Second Chance

Getting a job with a record is almost impossible in this country.

Dragonfly Thrift Boutique in Miami is our Heart Hero because it is giving women a second chance with this life-changing opportunity. By providing jobs and training, the women are able to develop their resumes and pursue careers that otherwise never would have been accessible. 

Learn more about this program in this heartwarming video.

The Thumbs Up in the Sky

A simple cloud in the sky helped a nervous boy feel confident enough to tackle his exam. Take a look at this beautiful picture of a thumbs-up shaped cloud that has been shared thousands of times.

This was a great reminder for us to pause when we are stressed and recognize that we are doing well.


The Digital Circus 

In Germany, the circus has been redesigned to feature an incredible light show that is wowing its audiences.

This electronic solution is saving dozens of animals from the cruelty that often goes into training them for performances. By modernizing the show with holograms, they were able to protect helpless creatures without losing the excitement of going to the circus.