A one-day conference geared to help entrepreneurs, innovators, and connectors take their thinking to the next level.

Kenny Chen

Community Builder • Researcher • Policy Maker


Kenny Chen is the founder of Pittsburgh AI, a node in a larger network aiming to democratize the design, development, and use of artificial intelligence. He has committed his time and efforts to shape the policies around artificial intelligence and position Pittsburgh as a leader in the space.

Kenny has developed his expertise and worldview through his role as Innovation Director at Ascender and on trips to the UN to meet with other leaders.

Mike Dariano

Writer • Creator • Dad


Mike Dariano is a blogger and author. His far-ranging blog, the Waiters Pad, connects the dots between disparate ideas to deliver insights on a regular basis. The subjects of his studies range from entrepreneurs to investors to artists, and that diverse collection of interests made him the perfect fit to keynote the Going Deep Summit.

You can also listen to his regular podcast, Mike’s Notes.

Gisele Fetterman

Gentle Leader • Community Organizer • Mother


Gisele Fetterman is the Second Lady of Pennsylvania and one of the busiest caretakers we’ve ever met. In addition to raising 3 kids, Gisele has also started 412 Food Rescue, Braddock Free Store, and For Good PGH.

All of her work embodies Gentle Leadership. It is through love, patience, and kindness that Gisele makes her impact. She inspires us to do the same.

Allen Gannett

Author • Speaker • Entrepreneur


Allen Gannett is the bestselling author of “The Creative Curve”. He also previously founded TrackMaven, a data analytics software company, and Acceleprise, a leading SaaS startup accelerator. Allen’s closing keynote at Going Deep Summit 2.0 was one of the best in GDS history. He captivated the crowd with his well-researched info, storytelling, and charm.

Joe Vennare

Writer • Entrepreneur • Operator


Joe Vennare left his job as a history teacher to start a business with his brother. It has gone on to raise millions and launch in more than 20 cities. He’s convinced anyone can do it if they’re willing to put in the work, sacrifice, and stay patient.

Joe is the head of Operations at Fitt, a fitness and wellness media & technology company. We’re sure his talk will teach many how to quit their job.

Tammy Thompson

Author • Teacher • Survivor


Tammy Thompson is the Executive Director of Circles Greater Pittsburgh. The organization works to end generational poverty by giving people the right tools and support they need. She wowed the Going Deep Summit crowd with her story of perseverance in overcoming Imposter Syndrome.  

Tammy has committed her life to fighting poverty and improving the lives of others.