Grow Your Tribe No. 9 - Health and Wellness


One of our core values at Piper is wellness because health is wealth!

We know it can be tough to sift through all of the noise and find the health and wellness sources that will be useful to you.

So here are a few people that we think are worthwhile and may belong in your life.

Be Inspired

While there are lots of ways to work on your health and wellness, it starts with your mind. 

This youtube channel is filled with videos that will help you prioritize your life and get inspired to make changes.

Each video talks about something new, we’re sure you’ll find the right on for you.

Yoga for Every Body

Building up the motivation and confidence to attend a workout class is daunting. Whether that be because of a packed schedule, the cost, or the true feeling of insecurity. 

The UnderBelly is a yoga course app that allows you to practice at your own pace, spend time with yourself, and work on becoming more body positive. 

Prioritize yourself here


Fit Foodie Finds

Wellness can be defined as the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal. The idea of wellness goes beyond just eating healthy foods and working out, it is about creating a lifestyle that works specifically for you. 

The FitFoodieFinds blog was created by Lee Funke, and has since grew into a small publishing company made up of five women striving to inspire. 

Click here to find recipes, workouts, travel, style, and body positivity all in one space. 

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