Grow Your Tribe No. 3 - So Weird but So Cool

Grow Your Tribe

So Weird but So Cool

This week, we’re highlighting accounts that we find weird but also crazy cool. They are all entertaining ways to enjoy our time. Take a look and see if any are cool enough to make you want to see more.


Pittsburgh is filled with amazing places to visit, Mount Washington, The Point + a plethora of museums located right in the city. 

However, nothing compares to the colorful, vibrant, and electric, Randyland. Randy Gilson has been bringing happiness to his neighborhood in the Northside since 1995. His painted home filled with outdoor murals, a mirror wall, and a psychedelic staircase is a spectacle you don't want to miss out on!


The Marblelympic Games 

Our new favorite sporting event is the marblelympics. Watch these riveting events that test marbles speed, agility, balance, and much more. We bet you’ll be rooting for your favorite team in no time.


My Art Is Real

@MyArtIsReal is an Instagram page made up of curated art that is completely outside of the box and unique. The different artists that are showcased play with the line between reality and imagination. These intriguing pieces are bound to catch your attention. 

We simply can’t take our eyes off it. 


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