Grow Your Tribe No. 1 - Unconventional Art


Unconventional Art

Every edition of Grow Your Tribe has a theme. For our first version, we’re highlighting Unconventional Art. These accounts are finding new and innovative ways to incorporate art into everyday life. Take a look and see if any of these artists are people you’d like to follow.

Embracing Technology as Artists

As art and technology continue to intertwine and expand, we were fascinated by this Instagram account that highlights spectacularly vivid pictures created on Photoshop. The collection of images remind us of the possibilities the art world has in this technologically advanced age.


Happening on the PGH Art Scene

Our Pittsburgh Presence this week is Small Mall, an arts marketplace that highlights female artists from Pittsburgh. They host incredible events that will help you incorporate more art into your life and support the Pittsburgh art scene.


Tortus- Hand Thrown Clay Pieces 

The great trap of mesmerizing Instagram videos that keep you glued to your screen for hours. We’ve all been there. 

Eric Landon, the founder of Tortus Pottery Studio, features his insane pottery skills on his Instagram account ← Warning:  This was a 45-minute rabbit hole for one of our curators.

We hope you found at least one new account worth following.

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