Fill Your Heart No. 9 - Loving Yourself and Life Skills


Every week we look for stories of positivity and humanity to give us more reasons to celebrate. 

This week we are writing about loving yourself and the value of teaching and learning life skills.

We hope our news this week fills your heart.

Be You

If you’re having a hard week, this article is a great way to help you move past your faults and focus on the good.

The article is written by Heart Hero, Ayodeji Awosika. Writing from a place of sincerity and vulnerability, he breaks the reasons to reject societal standards and learn to love yourself.

Opening Young Minds

One of the challenges in raising open-minded kids is finding media to expose them to diversity.

Check out this LGBTQ+ and Social Justice web series that is entertaining and informative for people of all ages.

Conquering Fears One Summer Camp at a Time

The center for O.C.D., Anxiety, and Related Disorders at the University of Florida combines one-on-one therapy with amusing activities to give children a playful yet meaningful and unforgettable summer camp experience. 

The main goal is to address, rather than avoid fears. 

Check out the innovative ways this camp is helping children realize they’re not alone in their feelings. 


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