Fill Your Heart No. 8 - Fantastic Females and a Beloved Book


Every week we look for stories of positivity and humanity to give us more reasons to celebrate.

This week we are writing about some advice from fantastic females and the meaning behind a beloved childhood book.

We hope our news this week fills your heart.

Tips from Female Founders

As a woman in power, it can be difficult to get good advice. Most articles that talk about balancing work and life, seem unrealistic.

Take a look at this article written by female founders who understand that it is natural to be consumed by your work. They provide some tips that we found to be both helpful and achievable.

Single Stories

At Piper, we are storytellers. There is incredible power in a good story, but there is also a risk if you only hear one story.

Watch this must-see video by our next Heart Hero, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. You will learn about her moving story and the role you have in ending single-story biases.

Love You Forever

Love You Forever, a beloved children’s book, by Robert Munsch, started out as a poem, but quickly transformed into a best-seller, with millions of copies made.

"The book is kind of an ideal, the way we hope things will happen, it's the only one of my books that escaped being a children's book."

Click here to see his inspiration and story behind the heartwarming book.


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