Fill Your Heart No. 7 - Simple Solutions to Big Problems


Every week we look for stories of positivity and humanity to give us more reasons to celebrate. 

This week we are highlighting simple solutions to big problems. From a national shift in education tactics to daily shifts in our lives, they can all have a tremendous impact.

We hope one of these changes fills your heart.

Abolishing Averages

This week's Heart Hero is Todd Rose, a high school dropout redesigning education. 

Every year 1.2 Million students drop out of high school in the US. That means that around 25% of all high school First-Years do not graduate.

Todd explains that trying to teach to the average student means we are actually teaching to no students. 

Check out this Ted Talk to learn about how technology is the simple solution to this crisis.

Simple Self-Care

Do you find standing in line stressful or boring?

Here are some tips to make use of that time so it becomes a positive part of your day.

We love making gratitude lists because they help us appreciate our status quo and acknowledge others for their part in our lives.

Green Good News

Every step, small or large, is important and relevant when creating a more eco-friendly world.  

See how the Dutch bus lines are creating their own twist on this call to action, one that will benefit the bees, but also humans. 

Definitely wishing this was being implemented in the burgh (black and yellow, anyone?). Maybe someday. 


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