Fill Your Heart No. 4 - Helping Others and Seeing Beauty


Together we share more stories of positivity and humanity.

We hope you enjoy what we picked for you this week.

Heroes of Home Depot 

The employees of Home Depot exceed the usual duties of their day-to-day when taking on the task of building a walker for a 2-year-old boy. 

Their true act of kindness brought us a little piece of joy this week in the office, and we hope it brings to you the same feeling. 



After 8 years in a correctional facility, the system was not designed to help Cory Greene start over. Rather than becoming a part of our countries recidivism statistics, Greene not only turned his life around but also started an organization to help others in his same position. 

H.O.L.L.A. (How Our Lives Link Altogether) is doing an incredible job helping young men transform themselves despite systematic oppression and struggles.


Everyday Art

This week's Heart Hero is Song-Ming Ang, an artist who focuses on art’s everyday appearance in life and the relationship between people, society, and art. He writes about how to get the most out of 24-hours exploring a city beautiful enough to be a work of art itself, Singapore. 

His emphasis on the beauty of everyday sights helped us find beauty in the world around us. Click here to learn about the art you never realized surrounds you to more fully appreciate the beauty of life.