Fill Your Heart No. 3 - Making Their Mark


Together we share more stories of positivity and humanity.

We hope you enjoy what we picked for you this week.

Universal's Excellence 

A Universal Orlando employee saved a family vacation by making a young boy named Ralph feel safe, understood, and validated during his Autistic Meltdown. She was one of many employees during the families time at Universal who went out of their way to make sure that Ralph had an amazing time at the park.

Check out this post about how taking the time to train their employees to help people with various special needs made a little boy’s day magical and will continue to help many more people.


Microfinance Making Massive Change 

Microfinance is an easy way for low-income households to manage cash flow by providing “quality financial services, including savings, credit, insurance and money transfer systems.” 

The lack of access to microfinance is a large reason for the gender and age inequality in North Africa and the Middle East.

We are extremely excited about the potential positive impact the World Bank can have with its new program to expand microfinance in that region. Learn more about the program here.


Man Saves his Village with Art

97-year-old war veteran, Huang Yung-fu, is our Heart Hero because he transformed the rundown and vacant district of Taichung City in Taiwan with just a passion for art and a paintbrush. 

As the government was threatening to destroy the city, Yung-fu knew he needed to take a stand in order to conserve his heritage. See how the “Rainbow Grandpa’s” colorful works of art not only saved his city but transformed it into a tourist attraction with more than a million visitors each year.