Fill Your Heart No. 2 - Courage Creating Success


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Achieving Her Dreams

Here at Piper, we believe accomplishing your goals greatly depends upon your Mindset. Click Here to see how Kaycee Marshall persevered through her many medical challenges and is making her mark on the fashion industry.


Balancing Posting and Being

One of the great challenges in the age of social media is using posting and sharing to promote what you have been doing without letting it prevent you from doing. Media is an incredibly useful tool, but it can be time-consuming and stressful. 

Check out WeTransfer’s Video about prioritizing doing and the ways that they can make social media easier so you can spend more time doing.


The Power of Persistence 

Our next Heart Hero is Zyahna Bryant, who was a freshman in high school when she created a petition to have Robert E. Lee’s statue removed from the park and the park’s name changed from Lee Park. 

This petition combined with Bryant’s persistence ultimately lead to the Charlottesville rallies and a national movement to assess race, memorials, and public spaces.

As a young company run by young employees, we were incredibly inspired by this article about Bryant and we think you will be too.


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