Fill Your Heart No. 10 - Art, Dogs, and Flying


Every week we look for stories of positivity and humanity to give us more reasons to celebrate.

This week we are writing about the role of Arts & Culture, a hilarious flight attendant, and an amazing adoption promotion strategy.

We hope our news this week fills your heart.

Arts & Culture

“Art has this impact on changing minds and perceptions…”

Click here to see the captivating and impactful, short film illustrating the crucial importance of visual storytellers and artists across the globe.

The Funniest Flight Attendant

When is the last time you actually listened to the safety announcements at the start of a flight?

Watch this video for a laugh and some inspiration on how to make the mundane more fun. It is a great reminder to inject some creativity at times other people just go through the motions to improve the day of everyone around you.

Adoption Isn’t Out of This World!

Storming Area 51 has been a trending topic recently, with more than 3 million people on Facebook interested in doing so.

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare takes in about 22,000 animals per year, with a great percentage of that number in the summertime.

You’re probably wondering how these two topics relate. Well, this shelter took the opportunity to show off the insanely cute shelter animals by dressing them up as aliens and posting them on social media.

“Our aliens can go home with you for the best price in the galaxy”, Click here to adopt an alien or just admire them.


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