Expand Your Mind No. 9 - Journaling, Saving time, and Landfills.


Last week we talked about the impact of some of our apprentices finishing up their internships. 

We are working on ensuring the sustainability of the projects the apprentices are a part of and reviewing the skills and experience we have gained over the course of the summer.

Some articles that have helped us this week are about journaling, saving time, and the environment.

We hope they are just as useful for you.

The Joy of Journaling

If you’re looking for a way to improve your life but unsure what the right step is, we recommend this article on journaling.

The article explains that with minimal time commitment and effort, journaling can be transformative. 

Try it out for a week, we bet you’ll get hooked.

Resurrecting Landfills

Lately, the discussion on the environment has been dominated by what is going wrong and what needs to be done to fix things. 

Take a look at this refreshing exploration of the way in which nature itself is adjusting to the changing environment.


Time Saving Strategies

If you’re looking for some tips on how to make the most out of your time as an entrepreneur, check out this article.

By organizing yourself through strategies like batching similar tasks and planning empirically, you can accomplish more work faster and better.

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