Expand Your Mind No. 8 - Skills, Executives, and Life


Last week we hosted an art show called, The Epic Privateer, created by our Cheif Creative Officer, Hannah Phillips. Our apprentices are learning about all the details that go into hosting a successful event.

Some articles that have helped us this week are about learning new skills, the quality of life, and being an executive.

We hope they are just as useful for you.

Learning about Learning

One of our priorities is to always be learning new skills to elevate ourselves and the business as a whole.

Check out this article with some tips that make learning more effective.

We found that habits such as implementing learning immediately and setting benchmarks are keys to winning.

Cost of Living vs Quality of Life

Have you ever wondered about the tradeoff between living somewhere expensive and the way that improves your quality of life?

This image breaks down the numbers to show the trend line between how much people are spending in cities and how happy those cities are.

Are you surprised by where Pittsburgh falls?


Being an Effective Executive

Our next mind master is Keith Rabois. Keith is one of the most successful venture investors ever.

Take a look at this article inspired by a talk Keith gave on how to be an effective executive to learn about running yourself and your team in the most effective way possible.

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