Expand Your Mind No. 7 - Scooters, Creativity, and Anonymity


This week Adam Haritan spoke to us at Piper about how he converted his passion for nature into a successful business. We loved learning about finding our why and living the best versions of our lives. 

 Some articles that have helped us this week are about boosting creativity, the craze of the scooter industry, and the loss of anonymity in the digital age.

We hope they are just as useful for you.

Loss of Anonymity

Have you ever truly pondered the implications of mass producing face ID systems on phones.

Check out this thread’s explanation of how technology is eroding our ability to move around the planet anonymously.

The Scooter Industry 

In 2018, scooters that you can rent and then leave anywhere seemed to appear out of nowhere all over the streets. Suddenly it was a new $100 million market.

Take a peek behind the scenes with one of the industries largest investors and learn about the future of these scooters.

Fueling Creativity 

When Einstein was stuck on a mathematical problem, he was known for playing music to help himself think.

Check out this article that explains the concept of combinatory play: opening a mental channel by using another.

Taking a break from the task you are stuck on may be the solution to completing it.


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