Expand Your Mind No. 5 - Pricing, Creativity, and Networks


This week at Piper we challenged ourselves with improving the layout of our newsletters. You’ll see a better mobile version, more consistent fonts and we’re playing around with the images.

Some articles that have helped us along the way are about being open to creativity, understanding networks, and putting a price tag on products.

We hope they are just as useful for you.

Your Companies Capacity for Creativity

One of our biggest priorities is ensuring that we all have room to use our creativity. In this article RARE, a food photography agency is celebrated for prioritizing each photographers individuality. 

Check it out to learn more about how to manage your employees in a way that harnesses their creativity in order to be as successful as possible.


Understanding Networks

The term network is used to describe countless complex ideas in society. From the computer network that you got this email on to the social network of your everyday life, networks run the world

Despite being an essential concept, networks can be really difficult to understand. We found that this article provides a superb explanation that is both comprehensive and interactive.

Pricing Your Products

One of the most tedious but essential parts of a business is correctly pricing products in order to make sales.

Harvest explains that despite being a lot less fun than the creative side of your work, finding a pricing model that works for you is essential for your business’s success.

This article does a great job of breaking down pricing models in a way that is both accessible and useful.