Expand Your Mind No. 3 - Meetings, Self-Care, and Lil Nas X


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Old Town Businessman

Our next Mind Master is Lil Nas X, surprisingly, not for his musical mastery but his fascinating use of Social Media. We loved watching this video about how “Old Town Road” went from a meme to #1 on the charts. 

While many believe Lil Nas X is just a kid who got lucky, it is clear that he put an extreme amount of effort into promoting his song on social media. We were super impressed by how he turned himself into a sensation. 


Replacing meetings

Status meetings are the scourge. They take too long and often happen at inconvenient times. We learned a lot from this article about using technology platforms instead of long cumbersome meetings. 

Check it out here to learn more about the meetings you no longer need to sit through.


The Ultimate Self-Care Strategy 

Would you speak to someone else in the same way you speak to yourself on a daily basis? 

Self-talk is one of the most crucial aspects of self-care. However, it not talked about within society as much as it should be or taught in school. 

Take a step towards improving your mental + emotional health and read this article, because you deserve it!