Expand Your Mind No. 2 - George R. R. Martin's Incredible Investment


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Tinder for Clothes

Style Shuffle is a fun and addictive game created by the fashion upstart, Stitch Fix. By keeping their customers intrigued between shipments, Stitch Fix is also gaining more detailed data to increase their algorithm’s effectiveness. 

Can you believe that a fashion company employs more than 100 data scientists? This article explains how creatively collecting data has led to explosive business growth. 


Effective Emails 

Why don’t schools teach job seekers how to write a proper professional email?

While it may seem simple, a few small changes to your emails can have a large impact on your career. We learned a lot from this article that breaks down 7 essential emails and how to write them effectively.


Something Special

This weeks mind master is George R. R. Martin. While he is best known for writing the Game of Thrones books, he came across our radar for his investment in a grass-roots artist rebellion called Meow Wolf. He took a risk on this small organization because he believed they were doing something special.

We learned a lot from Martin about the power of investing in a project you believe in as Meow Wolf now has permanent locations in three cities and is revolutionizing the way we define art museums. Check out this article about Martin’s decision to invest.


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