CEO's to Watch in Pittsburgh

At Piper, we've conducted more than 300 interviews with CEOs Founders and executive leaders around the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Over the course of those series of conversations, we've come to particularly admire a few local CEOs that we are confident will be making waves in the near future.

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Jason Wolfe has an absolutely incredible story. Rising from humble beginnings to successfully sell different businesses for multimillion-dollar sums.

He claims his latest venture, GiftYa, is poised to be his biggest success yet. We Believe Jason not just because of his sterling track record but also because many of the talented team members that have joined him in his past successes are running it back with him again.


Priya Amin epitomizes founder-problem fit. Founder-problem fit is when the problem that a company solves is perfectly aligned with the pain and skill set that its founder possesses.

Priya left a career where she had worked at multiple large Fortune 500 organizations when she started her family. After becoming a mother she quickly learned that childcare made previous business opportunities she had engaged in inaccessible.

Instead of wallowing or giving up she partnered with Jess Strong to found, flexable, which provides quality adaptable childcare solutions for organizations looking to make themselves more inclusive for parents. 


Jim Gibbs’s company MeterFeeder got into Y-Combinator, the most prestigious early-stage startup incubator on planet Earth. instead of staying in Silicon Valley, paying exorbitant rent, and building a company in an environment where employees often jump from job to job, Gibbs instead chose to return to Pittsburgh.

Today the tech firm is headquartered in Braddock and helps smaller municipalities modernize their parking payment systems.

In his limited free time, Gibbs also co-operates start-up boost Pittsburgh a local incubator that does not take equity in the startups it assists. Gibbs is an enormous asset to the Pittsburgh startup scene and is building an exciting company with serious potential.


We know this list is far from exhaustive...
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