Expand Your Mind No. 1 - Marketing, Boredom, and Photo Filters


Welcome to the first edition of Expand Your Mind.

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When to Hire Marketing

Marketing is essential for the success of every business, especially a startup. Check out this article about how to understand your marketing needs so that you can find the right person for the job. The emphasis on prioritizing the needs of the company and the skills of each employee helped us develop our own delegation of tasks as a marketing team. 

For example, our apprentices Daphne and Julia + our Director of Operations Tori are leading this new email campaign. Together, their skills in curation, writing, and project management set us up to succeed.

Being Bored

This week's Mind Master is Austin Kleon, a writer who blogged about the benefits of procrastination, a thing many people today are criticized for. We execute his strategy of productively procrastinating by using one task to help us procrastinate on another task. 

His strategy of going back and forth between tasks until they are all finished works extremely well. He also wrote that it is extremely important for creative people to take some time to be bored, which is new to us.  

Look through this post to learn about the ways that you benefit from being bored and procrastinating.


This is how photo filters are made

Snap your Picture. Add some Grain. Turn up the Exposure. Choose your Filter. 

Within minutes, depending on how indecisive or strict you are with your Instagram theme, you have a perfectly edited photo. Click here for a behind-the-filter, scientific look detailed the process for creating the amazing filters we all use and love. 

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