Fill Your Heart No. 1 - Vulnerability, Philanthropy, and Changing Culture


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The Virtue of Vulnerability

This week's Heart Hero is Brene Brown, who believes that vulnerability is the foundation for positive relationships. While typically regarded as negative in our society, she explains that vulnerability is actually the most vital trait for meaningful connections. 

Her Ted Talk is one of the most watched, ever. Click here and take strides towards being more vulnerable!


Doing Good

A few weeks ago a Morehouse Alum created a fund to pay off the class of 2019’s student loans. In his announcement speech, he asked the students to commit to paying it forward by helping future Morehouse students. 

This idea of taking what we have and helping others so that they can continue to help more people inspired us to think about the large scale positive impact we can have as an organization through smaller acts that we take today. 

We dare you not to smile as you watch this video.


Stem Books for Girls

As a child, what was your dream job? An amazing step towards a non-gender stereotyping workforce, Secret Code is a customizable children’s book and AR coding game that inspires, encourages, and empowers girls, to pursue a career within the tech world. 

Choose her name, skin color, hairstyle, and family on the online platform. You can’t be what you can’t see. Now any kid can see themselves as a robot engineer.

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